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I Am But A Mariner

I Am But A Mariner

I am but a mariner and I will be till I die
I will sail the salt waters till my heart turns numb inside
I will even brave the northern winds, the snow, the sleet, the ice
I am but a mariner though land’s where my heart lies

It was on one winter’s evening she came upon my door
She told me she was leaving me and left me sick and sour
She said she’d found another man and was his love to be
They left me for the mountains and I left for the sea

I couldn’t offer money, I wasn’t very strong
I could only offer song and heart but was doing wrong
I hope they will be happy where ever they may be
Waves of endless memories on the cruel relentless sea

I am but a mariner and I will be till l die
Noch nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt.

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