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Gold in a muddy river (2002)

Ozella Musik schreibt:

" Songwriter/Singer Paul Joses was born in the Scottish town of Dumbarton near Glasgow. He moved to Germany over 25 years ago. His sixth CD Gold in a muddy River shows that he never turned his back on his home country
Gold in a muddy river shaped into a very interesting recording. Paul Joses worked with friends from Scotland and Germany such as Ian Melrose who was on tour with clannad, Jens Kommnick and Dagobert Böhm.
The musik on this CD creates an atmosphere which easily puts the listener under its spell. Paul Joses fascinates his audience wether he performs in busy clubs or quiet theatres. Songs and ballads like Open Heart, Will and Rosie you don´t have to cry are followed by wonderful instrumentals like Wings performed by Ian Melrose, low whistle and Dagobert Böhm, guitar.
A very special release." Link zum Shop
1. Hello
2. Right on Time
3. Rosie (You Don´t Have to Cry)
4. Wings
5. Open Heart
6. I Shold Have
7. Love Struck
8. Such a Man as I
9. Ozella
10. Fall Guy
11. Talking
12. Will
13. Mist on the Moor

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